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China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (hereafter referred to as CPIA) was founded under the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in September 1988 as a nationwide social organization with legal person status. Its competent authority is the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In May, 2017, its 9th Board of Directors was elected by its General Assembly. CPIA now has 10 departments and 15 specialized committees.

In February 2011, CPIA was rated AAAA by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China National Industrial Association and Organization Evaluation. In May 2016, CPIA once again obtained the AAAA rating.

The tenet of CPIA is to serve enterprises, serve the industry, serve the government, and serve the society.

CPIA adheres to a model where it is run by enterprises and entrepreneurs under an institutional membership system. Its member organizations mainly include major enterprises of different ownership structures engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing, local pharmaceutical associations, institutes of pharmaceutical research or design, higher education institutes, and secondary vocational schools. It now has 360 member organizations, the main-business revenues of which account for over 65% of the national chemical pharmaceutical industry's total main-business revenues, and the profits of which account for about 60% of the industry's total profits.

Since its inception, CPIA has explored its way forward and made discoveries in practice. It values empirical studies and serves the member organizations whole-heartedly, representing their reasonable requests and suggestions. It has provided government agencies with suggestions on policies that facilitate the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. It has used multiple channels to provide its member organizations with valuable economic, technical, and policy information, either domestic or foreign. Plus, it has offered services like training, inspection tours, and consultancy. On one hand, it helps its member organizations understand and comply with national laws and regulations as well as policies pertinent to the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, it establishes a platform that helps government agencies interpret policies plus the rationale behind them and keep track of policy implementation.

CPIA is also a champion of self-discipline across the industry, working tirelessly to enhance the industry's credibility system construction. Authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and the National Development and Reform Commission, it makes unremitting efforts to put in place a credit rating system for pharmaceutical enterprises. Entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it spearheads the evaluation for the integration between informationization and industrialization in the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

CPIA is active in international exchange activities. It has forged broad-based business ties with pharmaceutical associations in the US and EU. It has signed bilateral memorandums successively with its counterparts in Japan, South Korea, and India. All this is a boost to exchange and cooperation between enterprises and between industries at the international level.



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